Fax Security

In recent days it has been reported that there are possible security vulnerabilities with fax machines that still reside in many offices.

The vulnerability was discovered on an all-in-one printer from another manufacturer.

 Below is an excerpt from Sharps Information Security Guide for your information and peace of mind.

The full "Security Information Brochure" can be found on the SharpONE web-site under "Document Solutions" "Information Security"


The architecture of Sharp MFPs provides a logical separation

between the fax telephone line and LAN, preventing attackers

from gaining access to the internal systems of the MFP or the

local network. Additional security features are incorporated,

such as disabling broadcasting, allowing and rejecting reception

from specific numbers, user authentication and more.

  • Logical separation between the fax telephone line and LAN
  • Only fax protocol is permitted in Sharp’s fax modem
  • MFP architecture is designed to minimise the risk of transmitting malicious data (viruses, etc.) to the main system
  • UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) communication on fax controller cannot control MFP controller
  • Image transmission between fax controller and MFP controller is also separated from UART communication
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