How Do I Setup Scan To Office 365 ?

This how to guide details the settings required to use Office 365 for SMTP on a Sharp device. Please note the device must support SSL/TLS authentication.

Go the SMTP settings area on the Sharp device’s web interface.



  1. Enter the settings as below.

    Primary Server: SMTP.OFFICE365.COM
    Port Number: 587
    Sender Name: Name associated to the valid Office 365 account you are going to use Sender Address: <Valid Office 365 Email Address>        Please use <> around the email address
    Enable SSL: Enabled (Ticked)
    SMTP Authentication: Enabled (Ticked)
    User Name: Valid Office 365 Email Address
    Password: Valid Password for above account

  2. Run a connection test on the Sharp web interface and confirm the result is successful.

  3. You are now ready to scan using Office 365.

  4. It may also be necessary to setup the "default sender" as the same credientalls as the reply address. This can be found under scan settings or image send settings depending on model.



Scan to e-mail is sent to junk folder when using office 365


In Network settings/Services Settings/SMTP Settings Enclose the Reply To address in angle brackets (<  >). For example: <>.


For older model setup please see bulletin attached 

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