My Sharpdesk won't Scan ?

If when you try to scan to your Sharpdesk Desktop destination and it fails with an error message on the copiers display, we have a quick fix below to get you going again.


In the system tray, near the clock of your PC, there will be an icon with a pink arrow in. Please click to launch the network scanner tool.


Once open, click on the Scanners Tab.


There will be a tick in the box of your scan profile. Please untick this box and click Apply


This will temporary remove your profile from the copier. Once the green bar has finished, click Close. 



You now need to re tick this box as shown, and click Apply again. This will re associate the scanner with your PC. 


Once complete we need to test the scanning. If all ok you should receive the scan. 

If you don't receive your scan and it is still not working, please don't hesitate to call us on the below number and we can assist you with a remote desktop session. 

Support: 01892 664999

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