How Do I Produce A4 And A3 Pamphlets ?

In the below examples we show you how to create the two types of pamphlet the MFP can do, A4 and A3 folded with two staples. (Stapling and folding requires the external finisher)

First of all goto word and create a document with 8 pages. Then goto the print box and choose printer properties. 

Using the below screen shot as a template, setup your driver as we have and this will produce a folded A3 Pamphlet with staples. (Note that tray 4 in our driver has our A3 paper in)


To setup for a folded A4 Pamphlet then use the below as an example.

2up pamphlet means A4 paper is outputted, so that when you fold it, it will make an A5 booklet. (Note in our example we have tray 3 set as an A4R tray)




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