How Do I Compress a Large Scanned PDF ?

When scanning large documents, its not unusual that the file size balloons up, especially when scanning in colour.

Our recommendation is to use Sharpdesk and utilise the ICT (Image Compression Tool ) function. This will compress that large scanned PDF to around 75% of its size and still maintain its image quality.

To get the best out of this tool, we also recommend scanning at 300 DPI from the SHARP Scanner.

Launch Sharpdesk and from within the program, drag a large scanned file over to the ICT Icon, illustrated in the below screen shot.


The next screen shows the properties of ICT, when you drag the slider up to around 70, this should give you the best compression to quality ratio. If your image is a bit fuzzy afterwards try decreasing the slider or scanning at a higher resolution. 


Once complete you will have two files, the original file and the compressed file.


Don't have SHARPDESK? Call us on 01892 66499 to arrange an installation.

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