How do I setup for LDAP ( Global Address Book Search ) ?

The LDAP or Global Address Book search is a handy feature for searching your companies email address book list. The below describes how to set this feature up on your Lexmark MFP. 

Firstly open the webpage of your device, by entering the IP address into a webpage browser bar. The screen below will open up.



Please click the Security link as per the below image and then choose Add Login Method



The below image highlights the areas that require completing, please complete these fields according to your network. Uncheck Anonymous LDAP Bind and enter a valid network account <username> and <password>.



Carry on scrolling down the webpage and please enter a valid Search Base. Once entered you can Save and Verify your settings. If there are any errors please adjust your settings. 


You may wish to discuss the above with Newman Support, we have a team of engineers that can assist you through setting this up.


Please contact our support number below with your query.

Newman Support: 01892 664999


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